Make life easy for you and your clients with the ultimate HTML5 WYSIWYG editor.

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Raptor, the best HTML5 WYSIWYG editor you'll ever use...

What is Raptor?

Raptor Editor is a powerful and flexible WYSIWG HTML5 editor that effortlessly plugs in to your platform of choice. Raptor is designed for inline editing and is ideal for complex multi-block layouts. Raptor utilizes the latest technologies featuring comprehensive built-in unit tests, a modular, extensible codebase and a plugin API.

Will Raptor eat me?

Raptor will only eat up your competitors. It is easy to use, intuitive and powerful giving you the edge when delivering to your clients.

"I just emailed a few minutes ago with a question. just forgot to tell you that your WYSIWYG editor is awesome, and i'm having fun integrating it into my web app. I look forward to your response. Thanks again!"

- Doug Miller.

...with loads of features...


Well Documented

Get to know Raptor right out of the box with our online resources. From Arabic to Urdu, Raptor features over 40+ language packs!



Researched, designed and built with both the developer and their client in mind. The Raptor Editor user interface is intuitive and a delight to use. 



Everyone knows that Raptors don't like cages, Raptor allows freeform block editing and design freedom that simply can't be matched. 


Always Evolving

We are constantly refining Raptor,  making it a faster, meaner tool utilizing tested and powerful technologies. 


Powered by HTML5 & JQuery

Supported by all Modern Browsers

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